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Kanthi Ananthagopal is a Los Angeles based Architect and Designer from India who specializes in production design and art direction for immersive experiences, film and video games. Her passion for all things entertainment combined with her skills in visual communication has instilled in her the ability to visualize human experience and designing spaces based on the concept of user interactivity balanced with practicality of how the space would function.


During the production process of Kalakaar Bazaar, Kanthi collaborated with the five member team to design the narrative and experiential cohesiveness of the project. She was responsible for the 3D visualization and digital rendering of the environment for a walkthrough narrative. Her contributions reflect her interests in conceptual designs and creative directing for themed entertainment, virtual reality and game design. 


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Marney Miller is a Los Angeles based interdisciplinary Concept Artist and Designer from New York who works in immersive experiences, video games, and film. She received her BFA from New York University where she focused on Film, Art History, and Studio Art before she moved to California where she received her MFA in Applied Arts from California Institute of the Arts. Her work is defined by the use of color theory and cultural research to create pieces that feel tangible, true to their nature, and are spectacular for viewers.


During Kalakaar Bazaar Marney served as a Project Co-Lead, focusing on design, direction and narrative experience.


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Natalie Ferguson is an interdisciplinary Canadian artist whose practice includes set design, installation, sculpture, and puppetry.  Taking inspiration from her community art experience and love of collaboration, Natalie’s work often focuses on things that connect us, such as food, animals, nature and relationships.

She is currently based in Los Angeles pursuing her Masters Degree in Scene Design at California Institute of the Arts. 




Naomi Miyahara is a MFA 2 in the technical directing program. She joined the theater world in 2013 and is currently working towards becoming an educator in theater. With a love for collaboration she finds the new skills that come with each production to be extremely rewarding. During the production process of Kalakaar Bazaar, Miyahara collaborated with the design team on the physical aspects of the project and produced a scale model of a 10 person dining pod.


Leslie Crapster-Pregont is an LA-based lighting designer and visual artist who explores human perception and social behavior through light. Drawing on her experiences being raised in northern Wisconsin, attending high school on a 1200 acre plot of wilderness on the border of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, teaching in rural China, and working on Wall Street, Leslie creates work that uses light as the medium to influence humans' perception of their context.


Leslie received a B.A. in Neuroscience and Chinese from Middlebury College in 2012, and is currently an MFA Candidate in Lighting Design at California Institute of the Arts, graduating May 2021.