Our Project. 


The Experience


Kalaakar Bazaar is a forum for visual and performing artists. The goal with this experience is to allow access into the artist community, by bringing together individuals, brands, artisans and performers from different walks of life. 

Take a break from the mundane and discover how everyday things are infused with refreshing thoughts. Come to our wateringhole and be inspired by beautiful ideas painstakingly crafted by talented artists. Participate in an experience that promotes the idea of community and supports local artists.


Master Plan

Master Plan.jpg

Light Sculpture

Light Sculplture.jpg

Light Arch

Light Arch.jpg
Light Arch 2

Shopping Stalls

Stall A.jpg
Stall B.jpg
Stall C.jpg

Directed Movement

Strategic Greenery.jpg


The model is a 1:16 scale representation of one of the dining pods. Constructed using foam board for the base and step unit. While the railing was laser cut from ⅛” plywood and then stained to have a dark wood finish. The tents exterior pattern was sewed to show a continuous design around each side, and the interior was sewn to create a draping appearance. For the tiling I made a cad template for both the interior and exterior that was applied and then given a gloss finish.

Pod A.jpg
Pod B.jpg
Pod C.jpg
Cocktail Tables.jpg


Performance Stage.jpg