Supporting Staff.


Aiko is a young soul in the body of a 11 year old Labrador Retriever. She has a lot of personality, is outgoing, a big people person and just an overall good girl! She loves walks but is happy to stay home and snooze. She is always enthusiastic for a treat or a belly rub and you can get her to do just about any trick if you have a bone in your hand.

Aiko has been an immense emotional support in these trying times and has provided comfort and strong opinions from 9000 miles away. You can't sneak anything past that nose that strives for nothing less than perfection!

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A rescue pup from Arkanpaws and the newest member to the Miller Clan! Always the sweetest in the room, she enjoys short walks to her stairs, lots of ear scratches, and steak.


A perfect loaf and big support of our project! Her talkative nature kept many of us sane while she never shied away from giving her artistic opinion. Her comparison to a manatee is a thought that never fails to bring a smile to our faces.


While she was not able to see Kalakaar Bazaar to completion, her memory stays with us. She was the best stinkball, monkey, and shadow to have around. Gracie provided joy with her companionship and never failed to make someone laugh with her love of whipped cream and doglike demeanor. Every moment with her- from her choosing to adopt her family, to naps curled up together- is treasured.


Tootsie Pop has travelled far and wide to pursue her interests in napping in the sun, climbing trees, hissing at other animals and most importantly, supporting her partner-in-crime, Natalie.  Originally from an undisclosed location, Tootsie was rescued from the Humane Society in Winnipeg, Canada in 2014, and has been a constant companion to her human. She is a great flyer and car passenger. Her favourite food is everything Friskies.


Jasper (Teddy) Ferguson, is already loved by many at such a young age of 7 months. He enjoys long walks with his humans, playing with his dog friends, vegetables and fruit and going to the basement once he learned how to master the stairs. He doesn’t know what a pandemic is, but knows that it makes his life amazing.


Jasper Kyro Miyahara was introduced to the theater world in Fall 2020. He is currently interested in production management and finding ways to be in the zoom spotlight. His current methods include showing his extremely soft belly and purring intently until he is the center of attention. Jasper is extremely charismatic and when he is not working he’s chasing lizards with his brother or basking in a sunlit window.  

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Sir Gustav PeanutButter, aka Goose, is an LA-based miniature schnauzer with oddly long legs and a love of sunbathing. His presence has been a pillar of the Kalaakar Bazaar team, providing frolics, butt-wagging, and cuddles to his many human friends.